GO-JEK company provides customers with a different experience through the use of online ojek services by downloading the mobile application. GO-JEK uses Experiential Marketing as its best value as this marketing type creates an impression among customers. Providing unique experiences that match with the customers’ mind is deemed to be important. Good or positive experiences will result in the customers’ satisfaction, leading to the repeated use of the service, and they will eventually become loyal customers. GO-JEK stimulates the five senses of the customers through the unique experiences offered to them. It combines all the dimensions of Sense, Feel, Think, and Act that will Relate the feelings and experiences between the company, drivers and customers. This study aimed at determining whether the Experiential Marketing of GO-JEK- Sense, Feel, Think, Act and Relate- has any influences on the customers’ satisfaction. This research was quantitative research employing multiple regression analysis technique. The number of respondents in this study was 400 respondents. The results obtained in this study indicated that the experiential marketing of GO-JEK Indonesia had a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Partially, however, there were only four variables that had significant effects on customers’ satisfaction, such as Feel, Think, Act and Relate, while Sense had no effects on customer’s satisfaction.