With the rapid development of China’s economy, electricity, as the basis of the national economy, has increasingly drawn attention because of its highlighted importance. It is necessary to maintain the normal power supply to users. In particular, it is important to quickly and scientifically solve the problem of slow decision-making and insufficient scheduling in the existing electric emergency repair system. Therefore, design and implementation of efficient power emergency repair system software architecture and networking construction are of important practical significance. Based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Geographic Information System (GIS), and other technologies, this article first analyzes the structure of the general dispatch of the electric emergency repair system and the structural functions of each component. Second, it introduces the geographical location of each mobile terminal and the communication between various subsystems. Finally, it delivers the software architecture of the system operation. The real-time monitoring of the system repair process and the efficiency of power emergency repair scheduling are both realized.