In this article, we report the experimental results on the electromagnetic transients caused by the switching operation of a 6-kV switchgear. The transient disturbance voltage induced at the electronic current transformer (CT), the transient ground potential rise (TGPR), and the transient enclosure voltage (TEV) are measured when the circuit breaker of a 6-kV switchgear is open/closed. The results show that the disturbance waveform is similar to the damping oscillation waveform. The TGPR can reach 255.90 V, the TEV can reach 414.63 V, and the maximum disturbance voltage at the secondary side of CT does not exceed 100 V. The rise time of the pulses is between 8 ns and 16 ns, and the dominant frequencies are between 1 and 30 MHz. These parameters are useful for clarifying the immunity test requirement and improving the protection measures of the secondary equipment against the transit disturbance.