A multi-energy micro-grid is an important topic to explore the harmonious development of energy, economy, and society. The work reported in this article researched the current dispatching problem of a micro-grid that contains renewable energy. First, considering the economic and environmental aspects, multi-energy micro-grid dispatching models with the lowest operating cost and the lowest pollutant emission are established. Second, based on the typical equipment model of renewable energy technology, energy-saving technology, and electric energy alternative technology in a multi-energy micro-grid, a system operation constraint model, the balance of supply and demand of electricity, and cold/heat load are built in the heating and air-conditioning period. The model is a hybrid nonlinear optimization problem, and the particle swarm optimization algorithm with good global searchability is used in the model. Finally, through a specific example, the model and algorithm are validated, and the optimal energy micro-grid optimization dispatching scheme under the economic and environmental protection objectives is formed. Meanwhile, the reasons for the uniformity and contradiction of the scheduling scheme under different objectives are analyzed.