The importance of integrating sustainability in to the higher education curricula is crucial as affirmed by charters, declarations, and UN’s proclamation of 2005—2014 as the decade for education for sustainable development. Therefore, researchers employ diverse approaches of sustainability integration for higher education programmes. This study investigated the numerous approaches in use, and identified the leading and predominant approach. The authors conducted a systematic review of literature with the analysis of 30 articles from various disciplines. The researchers classified the approaches in to vertical and horizontal integrations. Vertical integration includes modular/bolt-on, PBL, PoBL, role playing games, online, and iterative learning. While horizontal integrations are PPBL, systems approach, integrative learning, dialectic approach, and university partnership. Modular/Bolt-on and PPBL approaches emerged as the leading and predominant approaches. The researchers hoped the findings will be useful to higher education institutions especially in sub-Sahara Africa for integrating sustainability in to their programmes.