Recently, many people have been looking to leave the daily grind for something to feed their passion, not only adults but also teenagers. It was increasingly easy to start a business and there were many schools and also universities that had the subject of entrepreneur in their curriculum. With this early comprehension, people didn’t need a long time to become an entrepreneur and have success. Startups had a high rate of failure, but the minority of successes included companies that had become large and influential. One of the purposes of this literature review was to analyze the aspects of successful startups to support the government’s plan to increase the economics and education of the country. This research used a systematic literature review method, with a search process step of reviewing various sources of databases using keywords related to topics of the research; the obtained data was then classified based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. There were 75 papers identified with the topic of research, which were then refined into 35 papers to review. The research identifies nine aspects of successful startup companies that are influential in determining their success, which are technology, funding, time, team, operation, market, experience, capital efficiency, and other external factors. More validation will be needed to verify that all aspects can be applied to all types of company and product.