Cadmium is a soft, silvery, and ductile metal. Some of its physical and chemical properties are given in Table 1. Cadmium is readily volatilized at high temperatures, e.g., during welding or smelting, producing a fine dust of cadmium oxide particles with a typical yellow-brownish color. In most of its chemical properties, cadmium resembles zinc. Like zinc, cadmium is always divalent (2+) in stable compounds such as in the acetate, carbonate, chloride, oxide, stearate, sulfate, sulfide, and cadmium sulfoselenide compounds. The water solubility of inorganic cadmium compounds varies from the readily soluble acetate, chloride, and sulfate, to the almost insoluble carbonate, oxide, and sulfide. Certain organic cadmium compounds, in which cadmium is bound directly to a carbon atom, can be synthesized.