Not all tropical grasses or legumes are suitable for use under coconuts. However, a number of plants that are or could be useful as cover crops, as fodder or soilage crops, or as pasture plants will be discussed because of their association with coconut. A number of references were used in preparing this chapter. These include the following: Imperial Agricultural Bureau, Great Britain (1944), Whyte et al. (1959,1953), Norris (1967, 1969), Appadurai (1968), Purseglove (1968), Sproat (1968), Santhirasegaram, et al. (1969), Moore (1970), Semple (1970), Jones (1972), Hugh (1972b), Manidool (1972, 1974), Mc Ilroy (1972), Plucknett (1972a), Ranacou (1972b), Republic of the Philippines (1972), de Guzman (1974, 1975), Humphreys (1974), Javier (1974), Agency for International Development (1975a, 1975b), de Guzman and Alio (1975), Javier (1976), Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research (1976c), Reynolds (1976b), Ericksen (1977).