Children’s song has a value of local wisdom that can be integrated into character education. The values of local wisdom in dolanan or game songs, such as ‘Padhang Bulan’, ‘Ilir-Ilir’, ‘Sluku-Sluku Bathok’, ‘Jaranan’, ‘Dhondhong Apa Salak’, ‘Menthok-Menthok’ and ‘Gundhul-Gundhul Pacul’, are the values of life, as in the nine pillars and 18 characteristics of national identity defined by Indonesia’s education ministry. This study aims to identify how far the value of Javanesse dolanan songs fot character education. The approach of this research semiotic. The result of the study is game songs for children as education means not only seeing the song as an expression of art but also understanding the rules and philosophical meanings contained in each song’s lyrics.