This paper explains the process of developing Talempong Pacik multimedia learning on android-based smart phones, from the production process to product validation. Research and development adapted from Borg & Gall, and Allesi & Trollip include planning, design, development, staging and production. The research and development aim: (1) Produce android-based Talempong Pacik multimedia learning for middle school (SMP) VIII grade students; (2) Test the feasibility of Android-based Talempong Pacik multimedia learning for learning grade VIII SMP students; (3) Find out the attraction product developed; (4) Find out whether students can use Talempong Pacik correcrlt after using the product developed. In the development process using Adobe Flash Professional software and Adobe Animate software, but this software has the disadvantage of being delayed in the Talempong Pacik android game that is ready to be validated by experts. In the end the author used the Android Studio software and the problem found was solved.