Trust and intuition have increasingly fascinated researchers (Liebowitz, Paliszkiewicz, and Gołuchowski, 2018). Trust and intuition are important in responses to crises in an increasingly uncertain and changing world. Their role is especially significant in the era of big data with access to large volumes of information, where decisions must be made rapidly. Researchers look at trust and intuition from many perspectives and in many areas of knowledge—for example, psychology, sociology, and management (Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman, 1995; Gilovich, Griffin, and Kahneman, 2002; Hogarth, 2001; Klein, 1998; Sztompka, 1999; Myers, 2002; Gigerenzer, 2007; Plessner, Betsch, and Betsch, 2008; Sadler-Smith, 2008; Sprenger, 2009; Paliszkiewicz et al., 2014, Paliszkiewicz and Koohang, 2016).