Diagnosis of a case of mycotic keratitis depends largely on the clinical presentation. In addition, microbiological evaluation remains the most important step towards accurate diagnosis of the causative agent. This includes KOH smear and culture of corneal scrape or corneal biopsy. The ideal culture medium for fungi is Sabouraud dextrose agar owing to the presence of an antibacterial agent, thus promoting fungal growth. In addition thioacrylate broth and blood agar can also be utilized for fungal culture. However, recent advances in in vivo imaging techniques comprising of confocal microscopy and anterior segment optical coherence tomography are now being increasingly used for diagnosis (Craene et al. 2018, Sharma et al. 2018). In recent years Polymerase Chain Reaction has also emerged as an important diagnostic aid for mycotic keratitis (Goh et al. 2018).