First published in 1995. In the current, increasingly global economy, investors require quick access to a wide range of financial and investment-related statistics to assist them in better understanding the macroeconomic environment in which their investments will operate. The International Financial Statistics Locator eliminates the need to search though a number of sources to identify those that contain much of this statistical information. It is intended for use by librarians, students, individual investors, and the business community and provides access to twenty-two resources, print and electronic, that contain current and historical financial and economic statistics investors need to appreciate and profit from evolving and established international markets.

Series Introduction;  Introduction;  Geographic Note;  Section One;  1. How to Use The International Financial Statistics Locator  2. Source Key for Acronyms  3. Source Annotations;  Section Two;  4. Country and Subject Listings;  Appendix;  Directory of World Securities Markets