Dedicated to the proper design, layout, and location of facilities, this definitive textbook outlines the main design and operational problems that occur in manufacturing and service systems, explains the significance of facility design and planning problems, and describes how mathematical models can be used to help analyze and solve them. Combining theory with practice, this revised textbook presents state-of-the-art topics in materials handling, warehousing, and logistics along with real-world examples that emphasize the importance of modeling and analysis when determining a solution to complex facility design problems.

Facilities Design, Fifth Edition includes a balanced coverage of modeling as well as applications of layout, materials handling, and warehousing. It presents automated materials handling along with queuing, queuing networks, and basic simulation modeling. The new edition introduces new material that includes topics such as supply chain designing and management, aggregate planning, and transportation, logistics, and distribution.

The new edition will continue to provide access to available software and data files, as well as PowerPoint slides from the author’s own website www.facilitiesdesign.us. A solutions manual and figure slides are available for qualified textbooks adoptions.

The book addresses facilities design and layout problems in manufacturing systems and covers layout, logistics, supply chain, aggregate planning, warehousing, and materials handling. The new edition continues to explain the ins and outs of facility planning and design and is an ideal textbook for students and a reference for professionals.

1. Introduction to Facility Design 2. Supply Chain Design 3. Logistics and Location Models 4. Advanced Location and Routing Models 5. Aggregate Production Planning 6. Product and Equipment Analysis 7. Process and Material Flow Analysis 8. Introduction to Facility Layout 9. Basic Algorithms and Software for the Layout Problem 10. Group Technology and Facilities Layout 11. Modeling of Design Problems in Facility Logistics 12. Advanced Algorithms for the Layout Problem 13. Material Handling 14. Storage and Warehousing 15. Introduction to Queuing, Queuing Network, and Simulation Modeling