Cryptography, in particular public-key cryptography, has emerged in the last 20 years as an important discipline that is not only the subject of an enormous amount of research, but provides the foundation for information security in many applications. Standards are emerging to meet the demands for cryptographic protection in most areas of data communications. Public-key cryptographic techniques are now in widespread use, especially in the financial services industry, in the public sector, and by individuals for their personal privacy, such as in electronic mail. This Handbook will serve as a valuable reference for the novice as well as for the expert who needs a wider scope of coverage within the area of cryptography. It is a necessary and timely guide for professionals who practice the art of cryptography.

The Handbook of Applied Cryptography provides a treatment that is multifunctional:

  • It serves as an introduction to the more practical aspects of both conventional and public-key cryptography
  • It is a valuable source of the latest techniques and algorithms for the serious practitioner
  • It provides an integrated treatment of the field, while still presenting each major topic as a self-contained unit
  • It provides a mathematical treatment to accompany practical discussions
  • It contains enough abstraction to be a valuable reference for theoreticians while containing enough detail to actually allow implementation of the algorithms discussed
    Now in its third printing, this is the definitive cryptography reference that the novice as well as experienced developers, designers, researchers, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians alike will use.
  • chapter 1|48 pages

    Overview of Cryptography

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    chapter 2|38 pages

    Mathematical Background

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    chapter 3|46 pages

    Number-Theoretic Reference Problems

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    chapter 4|33 pages

    Public-Key Parameters

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    chapter 5|22 pages

    Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences

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    chapter 6|32 pages

    Stream Ciphers

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    chapter 7|60 pages

    Block Ciphers

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    chapter 8|38 pages

    Public-Key Encryption

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    chapter 9|63 pages

    Hash Functions and Data Integrity

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    chapter 10|40 pages

    Identification and Entity Authentication

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    chapter 11|64 pages

    Digital Signatures

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    chapter 12|54 pages

    Key Establishment Protocols

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    chapter 13|48 pages

    Key Management Techniques

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    chapter 14|44 pages

    Efficient Implementation

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    chapter 15|28 pages

    Patents and Standards

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