In 1816 a violent literary quarrel engulfed Bourbon Restoration Italy. On one side the Romantics wanted an opening up of Italian culture towards Europe, and on the other the Classicists favoured an inward-looking Italy. Giacomo Leopardi wrote a Discourse of an Italian on Romantic Poetry aiming to contribute to the debate from a new perspective.

chapter |19 pages


ByFabio A. Camilletti
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chapter 1|37 pages

Romanticism, Classicism and Leopardi’s Discourse

ByFabio A. Camilletti
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chapter 2|46 pages

Post-Revolutionary Romance

ByFabio A. Camilletti
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chapter |8 pages


‘The Evening of the Holiday’
ByFabio A. Camilletti
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chapter |61 pages

Discourse of an Italian on Romantic Poetry

ByGiacomo Leopardi, Gabrielle Sims, Fabio A. Camilletti
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