There is growing evidence that the sexual rights of older people are not being met. One reason, perhaps the main reason, relates to the way that old age is viewed. In many cultures, being old is associated with decline and disease, which positions older people as dependent and powerless. Furthermore, an absence of positive or celebratory discourses around older people’s sexuality is particularly striking.


The book addresses a gap in research and policy. Using an adaptation of the Declaration of Sexual Rights from the World Association of Sexual Health, it provides readers with an innovative and evidence-based framework for achieving the sexual rights of older people. Drawing on interdisciplinary research, it explores the cultural and social locations of old age and its intersections with sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status. Key themes include stigma, silencing, invisibility, prejudice, discrimination, and a lack of information, awareness, and understanding.


Addressing the Sexual Rights of Older People: Theory, Policy and Practice is a text for academics, health professionals, social professionals, service providers, and policy-makers. It is a timely and insightful collection which suggests ways to apply the sexual rights framework, raise awareness, and engage communities in constructing strategies for reform.

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chapter 2|15 pages

Bundles of Potential

The sexual rights of older people
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chapter 3|13 pages

Framing the Sexual Rights of Older Heterosexual Women

Acknowledging diversity and change
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chapter 6|14 pages

Transgender Older People

At sea far from the sexual rights shore
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chapter 8|14 pages

Sexual Assault of Older Women

Breaking the silence
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chapter 11|15 pages

Older People as Cyber-Sexual Beings

Online and internet dating
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chapter 12|12 pages


Moving forward, implementing change
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