Environmental Expressive Therapies contributes to the emerging phenomenon of eco-arts therapy by highlighting the work that international expressive arts therapists have accomplished to establish a framework for incorporating nature as a partner in creative/expressive arts therapy practices. Each of the contributors explores a particular specialization and outlines the implementation of multi-professional and multi-modal "earth-based" creative/expressive interventions that practitioners can use in their daily work with patients with various clinical needs. Different forms of creative/expressive practices—such as creative writing, play therapy techniques, visual arts, expressive music, dramatic performances, and their combinations with wilderness and animal-assisted therapy—are included in order to maximize the spectrum of treatment options. Environmental Expressive Therapies represents a variety of practical approaches and tools for therapists to use to achieve multiple treatment goals and promote sustainable lifestyles for individuals, families, and communities.

chapter |5 pages

Testing of Introduction

ByAlexander Kopytin, Madeline Rugh
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part I|54 pages

The Emerging Paradigm and Theoretical Constructs of Environmental and Ecological Expressive Therapies

chapter 1|14 pages

Nature-Assisted Art Therapy

Technique or Transformation?
ByMadeline Rugh
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chapter 2|25 pages

Environmental and Ecological Expressive Therapies

The Emerging Conceptual Framework for Practice
ByAlexander Kopytin
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chapter 3|13 pages

Nature Therapy—Highlighting Steps for Professional Development

ByRonen Berger
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part II|197 pages

Nature-Assisted Expressive Therapies Practice

chapter 4|15 pages

Drawing Nature

ByJean Davis
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chapter 5|22 pages

Inner and Outer Landscapes

Bringing Environment Into the Therapeutic Relationship Through Expressive Writing
ByMary Reynolds Thompson, Kate Thompson
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chapter 7|38 pages

The Art of Mindful Walking in Earth-Based Art Therapy

ByBeverley A’Court
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chapter 8|16 pages

Marble House Project

The Creative Process Inspired by Nature
ByDina Schapiro
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chapter 9|27 pages


Outdoor Music Therapy and Other Nature-Related Approaches in Music Therapy
ByEric Pfeifer
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chapter 11|19 pages

Digging Bones and Crossing Thresholds

Healing Individuals and Communities Through Nature-Based Expressive Arts, Ceremony and Ritual
BySally Brucker
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chapter 12|13 pages

Until Death Do Us Part

The Relational Heart of Human-Animal Bonds
ByStraja Linder King
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