While there has been much recent research into achieving sustainability in urban areas, most of this is specific to a particular region. This volume broadens these discussions by extending the analysis from North American and European cities to include East Asian cities. Many cities in Asia have deep historical roots, have sustained dense populations through time and have grown prosperous in recent decades. They also face significant environmental degradation and other planning challenges. In bringing together and comparing strategies and experiences from three distinct global regions, this book offers unique insights and new perspectives on the challenges of moving towards greater urban sustainability. While questioning which strategies can promote sustainable cities in a global context, the book also illustrates that while formulae generated out of American and European experience cannot be universally applied, some of the analytical approaches and experience of the other developed countries can offer insights for those working in different contexts. It argues that managing urban change for greater urban sustainability in diverse regions requires detailed understanding of local issues and regional strategies as well as strong support from local communities.

part I|58 pages

Urban Sustainability Questions

chapter 1|22 pages

Towards Sustainable Cities

ByAndré Sorensen, Peter J. Marcotullio, Jill Grant
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chapter 2|14 pages

Sustainable Urbanism in Historical Perspective

ByJill Grant
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part II|135 pages

Planning Strategies for More Sustainable Cities in North America and Europe

chapter 4|19 pages

An Inquiry into the Promise and Prospects of Smart Growth

ByGerrit-Jan Knaap
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chapter 8|15 pages

Sustainable Portland? A Critique, and the Los Angeles Counterpoint

ByHarry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon
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chapter 9|14 pages

Canada’s Experience in Planning for Sustainable Development

ByJill Grant
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part III|104 pages

Planning Strategies for More Sustainable Cities in Japan and Korea

chapter 12|20 pages

Major Issues of Land Management for Sustainable Urban Regions in Japan

ByAndré Sorensen
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chapter |11 pages

Empowerment in the Japanese Planning Context

ByHideki Koizumi
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chapter 16|14 pages

Reform of Planning Controls for an Urban-Rural Continuum in Korea

BySang-Chuel Choe
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part IV|10 pages


chapter 19|8 pages

Towards Land Management Policies for More Sustainable Cities

ByJill Grant, Peter J. Marcotullio, André Sorensen
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