This edited volume explains the importance of regional public goods (RPGs) for sustainable development and shows why they are particularly important in the context of 21st-century international relations. By presenting a new and original data set and by presenting original essays by renowned scholars, this book lays the foundation for what will become an increasingly important focus for both economic development and international relations as well as for their intersection.

The volume contains four parts. The first introduces the core issues and concepts that are explored throughout the book as well as a new and original data set on RPGs. The second part further develops specific concepts important for understanding 21st-century RPGs: regional leadership, alliances, networks, and outcomes. The third examines how cooperation takes place worldwide for a range of important RPGs. Finally, the fourth part discusses how public goods are produced in specific regions, stressing that each region has a distinct context and that these contexts overlap in a decentered "multiplex" manner.

Global economic cooperation will be different in the 21st century, and this volume will be of interest to students and scholars of global governance, economic development, international political economy, sustainable development, and comparative regionalism.

part I|36 pages


chapter 1|11 pages

21st-century cooperation, regional public goods, and sustainable development

ByAntoni Estevadeordal, Louis W. Goodman
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chapter 2|23 pages

Regional public goods cooperation

An inductive approach to measuring regional public goods
ByTeng Liu, Theodore Kahn
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part II|80 pages

Regional leadership, alliances, networks, and outcomes

chapter 3|16 pages

Regionalism in the evolving world order

Power, leadership, and the provision of public goods
ByAmitav Acharya
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chapter 5|44 pages

Can regional standards be above the national norm?

Impact evaluation issues for regional public goods
ByJoaquim Tres, Paulo Barbieri
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part III|119 pages

New frontiers in functional cooperation

chapter 6|18 pages

Regional public goods

The case of migration
ByUri Dadush
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chapter 8|23 pages

Open borders

A regional public good
ByJohanna Mendelson-Forman
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chapter 9|28 pages

Advancing digitization as a regional public good

ByKati Suominen
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chapter 10|13 pages

Building regional environmental governance

Northeast Asia’s unique path to sustainable development
BySuh-Yong Chung
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chapter 11|14 pages

The multilateral trading system and regional public goods

ByMiguel Rodríguez Mendoza, Craig VanGrasstek
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part IV|123 pages

Old and new regions in a multiplex world

chapter 12|26 pages

European regional public goods

Insiders and outsiders
ByMichelle Egan
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chapter 13|22 pages

Regional public goods in North America

ByTom Long, Manuel Suárez-Mier
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chapter 14|25 pages

Public goods and regional organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean

Identity, goals, and implementation
ByCarlos Portales
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chapter 15|24 pages

Asia’s financial stability as a regional and global public good

ByMasahiro Kawai
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chapter 16|24 pages

From small markets to collective action

Regional public goods in Africa
ByRichard Newfarmer
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