This book, first published in 1982, explores all major aspects of automated serials control. It examines major working serials control systems in the United States and Canada, describes their operations, and evaluates their successes and shortcomings.

chapter |4 pages


The Management of Serials Automation
ByPeter Gellatly
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chapter |12 pages

Automated Serials Control: A Bibliographic Survey

ByAnne Marie Allison
Size: 1.15 MB

chapter |10 pages

Automated Serials Control: A Selected Bibliography

ByAnne Marie Allison, Janice E. Donahue
Size: 0.94 MB

chapter |16 pages

The University of California, San Diego, Automated Serials System, 1980

ByRoberta A. Corbin
Size: 1.37 MB

chapter |10 pages

Automated Serial Records in the On-Line Catalog: The Northwestern Luis System

ByWilliam J. Willmering
Size: 0.85 MB

chapter |10 pages

On-Line Serials at Brigham Young University

ByH. Kirk Memmott, K. Paul Jordan, John R. Taylor
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Size: 1.04 MB

chapter |12 pages

A Cooperative Serials Data Conversion Project in California

ByMargaret M. McKinley
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chapter |12 pages

Cataloguing in a Time of Change

ByMary Ellen Soper
Size: 1.21 MB

chapter |16 pages

Computer Cataloguing for Serials: Ramblings of a Curmudgeon

ByNeal L. Edgar
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chapter |8 pages

OCLC Serial Records: An Update

ByMichael Roughton
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chapter |8 pages

ISSN and NSDP: A Guide For The Initiated*

ByLinda K. Bartley
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chapter |6 pages

The ISSN as Retriever Of OCLC Records

ByPatricia Ohl Rice, Laurance R. Mitlin
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chapter |8 pages

In Order to form a More Perfect Union … List of Serials

ByMarjorie E. Bloss
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chapter |20 pages

The California Union List of Periodicals

ByDianne J. Ellsworth, Edward Newman
Size: 1.37 MB

chapter |10 pages

The OCLC Serials Control Subsystem

ByPauline F. Micciche
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chapter |8 pages

The Research Libraries Group, Inc. Programs for Serials

ByLois M. Kershner
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chapter |8 pages

Automated Serials Acquisitions in the Washington Library Network

ByDavid E. Griffin, Bruce Ziegman
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chapter |12 pages

Nationwide Networking and the Network Advisory Committee

ByLenore S. Maruyama
Size: 1.06 MB

chapter |16 pages

Automation and the Subscription Agency

ByF. F. Clasquin
Size: 1.50 MB

chapter |12 pages

Change or Decay? New Patterns in Serials Publishing

ByPeter W. Lea
Size: 1.29 MB