International institutions and structures are crucial to the management of the global environment. The present arrangements are failing to cope adequately with the scale of the task and the demands placed on them, and alternatives are urgently needed. In this second volume of World in Transition, experts in the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WGBU) analyze the problems and set out comprehensive and persuasive policies for a successful future regime. Central to the future, it argues, will be a strengthened and more effective UN Environment Programme within an alliance organized around three main objectives of assessment, organization and funding.

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chapter |8 pages

Who is steering Spaceship Earth? A

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Syndromes of global change B 1

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Global environmental problems B 2

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Institutional deficits and remedies C

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Institutions and organizations C 1

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Institutional interplay D

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Assessing environmental problems E 1

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References G

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Glossary H