Integrated Sustainable Design of Buildings aims to provide a guide to members of design and masterplanning teams on how to deliver sustainable development and buildings cost effectively, meeting current and emerging UK and international statutory and planning requirements. Using a series of case histories and examples from the author's ten years of providing sustainability advisory services the book sets out a clear and understandable strategy that deals with all aspects of sustainable design and construction and the implications for delivery, costs, saleability and long term operation. The extensive scope includes all aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability, including strategies to reduce carbon emissions and the impact of climate change.

Integrated Sustainable Design of Buildings appeared in the Cambridge Top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010.

part |2 pages


chapter 1|4 pages

1 Introduction and Scope

chapter 1|46 pages

2 Policy, Legislation and Planning

chapter 1|26 pages

3 Assessment Methodologies

chapter 1|8 pages

4 Environmental Impact Assessment

part |2 pages


chapter 2|8 pages

1 Sustainable Communities

chapter 2|6 pages

2 Land Use and Density

chapter 2|10 pages

3 Massing and Microclimate

chapter 2|8 pages

4 Social Sustainability

chapter 2|2 pages

5 Economic Sustainability

chapter 2|48 pages

6 Energy Strategy and Infrastructure

part |2 pages

Part 3 Sustainability and Building Design

chapter 3|20 pages

1 Sustainability Strategy

chapter 3|30 pages

2 Operational Energy and Carbon

chapter 3|8 pages

3 Thermal Comfort

chapter 3|14 pages

4 Design for Natural Ventilation

chapter 3|8 pages

5 Air Quality, Hygiene and Ventilation

chapter 3|10 pages

6 Light and Lighting

chapter 3|10 pages

8 Noise and Vibration

chapter 3|10 pages

9 Water Conservation

chapter 3|8 pages

10 Design to Reduce Vehicle Impacts

chapter 3|8 pages

11 Waste Management and Recycling

chapter 3|10 pages

12 Materials Specification

chapter 3|8 pages

13 Pollution

chapter 3|10 pages

14 Landscaping, Ecology and Flood Risk

chapter 3|8 pages

15 Security and Flexibility

part |2 pages


chapter 4|6 pages

1 Tendering Process

chapter 4|6 pages

2 Sustainable Procurement

chapter 4|12 pages

3 Construction Waste Management

chapter 4|4 pages

5 Value Engineering and Management

chapter 4|8 pages

6 Commissioning and Handover