1999 saw the greatest revolution in civil practice and procedure for over 100 years with the introduction of the civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions. Introduced as a result of Lord Woolf's report on the reform of the civil courts' Access to Justice, the new rules have revolutionized the way that civil disputes are now resolved. The emphasis is now on settlement and co-operation between the parties under the umbrella of the Overriding Objective. Also introduced was the principle of the proportionality, a new concept to civil practice. Reforms have also been carried out on contentious areas such as Experts, Disclosure and Costs. Case management has now been taken out of the hands of the lawyers and put firmly in the hands of the courts.

As with any radical change in legal practice, teething problems have had to be dealt with and since the new rules were introduced there have been many amendments both to the rules and the Practice directions, as well as a whole new body of case law. It is imperative to all those in practice affected by such immense changes that they are put into an accessible format -  and this new edition does exactly that.

An invaluable and practical guide to the new procedures, it does not merely document the newest developments but also puts them in context of their practical application. Concise and extremely affordable this book will enable the busy practitioner to grasp the fundamental points with ease.

chapter 1|4 pages

Introduction to the Civil Procedure Rules

chapter 2|6 pages

Personnel of the Court

chapter 3|8 pages

Pre-Action Protocols and ADR

chapter 4|14 pages

General Procedure for Bringing a Claim

chapter 5|6 pages

Part 8 Alternative Procedure

chapter 6|6 pages


chapter 7|12 pages

Responses to Claim

chapter 8|8 pages

Part 20 Claims

chapter 9|8 pages

Summary Judgment and Disposal

chapter 10|12 pages

Case Management by the Court

chapter 11|10 pages

Small Claims Track (Part 27)

chapter 12|6 pages

Fast Track (Part 28)

chapter 13|8 pages


chapter 14|6 pages

Interim Remedies (Part 25)

chapter 15|6 pages


chapter 16|8 pages


chapter 17|8 pages


chapter 18|6 pages

Experts and Assessors

chapter 19|8 pages

Hearings and Judgment

chapter 21|22 pages


chapter 22|2 pages

Appeals (Part 52)

chapter 23|18 pages