The most important part of a CSI‘s (crime scene investigator) job is accurate documentation of properly collected evidence. Documentation tells the story of the crime and can ultimately prove a suspect guilty. Through an array of specific exercises and actual document templates used in practice, Crime Scene Processing and Laboratory Workbook teache

Camera and Equipment. Report Writing and Crime Scene Documentation. The Crime Scene. Photo Imaging Assignment. Evidence Collection and Packaging. The Secondary Crime Scene. Fingerprints. Close Up or Bench Photo Imaging. Wafting. CSI vs. Real CSI. Advanced Fingerprints. Presumptive Testing for Blood. Blood Drops and Blood Spatter Patterns. Car Crash. Toolmarks. Recovering a Firearm. Interactive Virtual Crime Scene. Soil. Forensic Entomology. Additional Practice with Your Camera. Microscopy. Footwear Impressions. Appendices.