The theme permeating this book on assessment centers is "continuity and change", describing what has remained the same and what has changed in the 50-year history of the assessment center method. One of the important changes explored is the evolution of the goals of assessment center programs and the ways in which assessment centers and their component parts have been used. Assessment Centers in Human Resource Management clearly differentiates between assessment centers used for prediction, diagnoses, and development.

In addition, this book explores:

  • assessment centers and human resource management;
  • court cases involving assessment centers;
  • innovations in assessment center operations;
  • cross-cultural considerations including diversity of the workforce; and
  • assessor training.

The target audience for the text includes students who are learning about assessment centers, practitioners including human resource managers and consultants who may be considering the implementation of assessment centers, and academicians who are researching the method and wish to understand current issues.

chapter 3|20 pages

Basic Requirements of an Assessment Center

chapter 6|30 pages

Simulation Exercises