This book discusses how people evaluate themselves, relate to others who give them feedback, and process information about others. It examines how feedback is given and received in teams and cross-cultural organizations, and explores the impact that feedback has on changing technologies.

1. Introduction Person Perception 2. How and Why Feedback Works 3. How People Evaluate Themselves 4. Feedback Dynamics 5. Processing Information About Others Performance Evaluation Methods 6. Performance Appraisals 7. Multisource Feedback Methods 8. The Usefulness of Multisource Feedback 9. Assessment Centers and Business Simulations Supporting the use of Feedback 10. The Manager’s Role As Feedback Provider 11. Performance Management, Development, and Coaching 12. Holding Managers Accountable for Giving and Using Feedback Future Directions 13. Feedback in Teams and Cross-Cultural Organizations 14. Changing Technologies and Jobs: Toward Feedback-Oriented, Continuous Learning Environments