Is the emerging digital multimedia culture of today transforming the textbook or forever displacing it? As new media of transmission enter the classroom, the traditional textbook is now caught up in a dialogue reshaping the textual boundaries of the book, and with it the traditional modes of cognition and learning, which are bound more to language than to visual form. Most of the important work in the past two decades in the field of curriculum has focused on the culture of the textbook. A rich literature has evolved around textbooks as the traditional object of instructional activity. This volume is an important contribution to this literature, which focuses on the actual making of a textbook. This design process serves as a metaphor that suggests new paradigms of learning and instruction, in which text content is but one component in a multidimensional information space.The Visual Turn is an exploration along the border of this new learning space transforming the traditional center of instruction in the classroom.

chapter 1|20 pages

Social Studies for the 21st Century

chapter 2|30 pages

When Image Meets Word

chapter 3|40 pages

Making the Beautiful Book

chapter 4|26 pages

A Beautiful Book or Considerate Text

chapter 5|32 pages

A Different Model of Reading

chapter 6|28 pages

History as Our Best Guess

chapter 7|24 pages

A Window in the Text