Most unmarried women who engage in sexual intercourse do not become unwed mothers; they use contraceptives, secure an abortion, or get married before the baby is born. What happens to the minority of women who bear illegitimate children? This book is the first study to describe in detail the actual situation of unwed motherhood, as opposed to the causes and pathology of deviance. Based largely on observation of middle-class white girls in a psychiatricallyoriented mater nity home and lower-class black teenagers in a day school for unwed mothers, the study focuses on the unwed mother's moral career as it is shaped by social agencies.

chapter |6 pages


part I|48 pages

The Situation of Moral Jeopardy

chapter 1|27 pages

Sexual Careers

chapter 2|19 pages

Becoming an Unwed Mother

part II|66 pages

The Process of Moral Reinstatement

chapter 3|32 pages

Hawthorne House *

chapter 4|32 pages

The Moral Career of the Unwed Mother

part III|78 pages

Accommodations to Illegitimacy

chapter 5|25 pages

The Project

chapter 6|26 pages

The Moral Career of the Negro Unwed Mother

chapter |17 pages

Appendix: Methods