In January 2010, author, academic and social entrepreneur Dr Wayne Visser set off on a nine-month, 20-country "quest" to talk to entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators and learn about how companies in all parts of the world can and are helping to tackle the world's most pressing social and environmental problems. His aim was to explore the many varieties of global approaches to sustainable business practices first-hand and to share some of the most innovative global examples.The result is this treasure trove of a book, full of stories, ideas, links to more than 100 video interviews, best practices and tools for making sustainable business work in a myriad of different contexts, cultures and settings. Besides sharing insights from his 2010 "CSR Quest World Tour", the author captures his professional experiences and the evolution of sustainable business over the past 20 years.The path begins in Africa and winds its way through Asia, North America, Europe, Australasia and Latin America. The author shares what he has learned in encounters with mega-corporations and small farmers, and conversations with CEOs and social entrepreneurs. There are facts and figures about world trends, and interviews with thought leaders and activists. This is a tale that consciously weaves the personal and the professional, mixing anecdotes and case studies. It looks outwards and reflects inwards, and is both autobiography and the life story of a global movement.

part 1|41 pages


chapter 1|8 pages

Divided and united

Investing in change (South Africa: 1978–1991)

chapter 2|8 pages

Holism and hope

Towards a SANE society (South Africa: 1993–1994, 1996–1997)

chapter 3|7 pages

Governance and greed

Accounting for impacts (South Africa: 1997–2001)

chapter 4|8 pages

Tears and flowers

Recreating a culture of ethics (Kenya: 1991, 2010)

chapter 5|9 pages

Friends and foes

Oil on troubled waters (Nigeria, 2011)

part 2|44 pages


chapter 6|10 pages

Directives and policies

Eurocrats take on CSR (Belgium: 2010)

chapter 7|8 pages

Green and growing

Re-engineering growth (Germany, Austria: 2002, 2008, 2009)

chapter 8|8 pages

Breakdown and breakthrough

Navigating the chaos (Hungary: 2003, 2011)

chapter 9|9 pages

Partnerships and poverty

New governance for a new world (Switzerland: 2008)

chapter 10|8 pages

Cycles and cradles

Faster, further and higher (The Netherlands: 1997, 2002, 2009, 2011)

part 3|46 pages

Asia Pacific

chapter 11|8 pages

Kaizen and kyosei

Driving a better future (Japan: 1990)

chapter 12|10 pages

Yin and yang

Striving for harmony (China: 2008, 2010)

chapter 13|8 pages

Too much sun

A slow starter (Australia, 2010, 2011)

chapter 14|11 pages

Merlions and orang-utans

A new breed of entrepreneurs (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand: 2010, 2011)

chapter 15|8 pages

Access and justice

Purpose out of chaos (India: 2010)

part 4|41 pages


chapter 16|8 pages

Mythology and pathology

Unmasking the corporation (Canada: 1992, 2008)

chapter 17|8 pages

Plantations and houses

The lessons of shared responsibility (Guatemala, Mexico: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

chapter 18|8 pages

Emergence and convergence

Birth of a new capitalism (United States: 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010)

chapter 19|8 pages

Globalisation and innovation

Redefining growth and progress (United States, 2008)

chapter 20|8 pages

Economics and evolution

Barefoot journeys towards abundance (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador: 2010)

part 5|49 pages

United Kingdom

chapter 21|8 pages

Humans and ecology

From New Age to ‘new’ economics (United Kingdom: 1992, 1995–1996)

chapter 22|9 pages

Meaning and change

Making a difference (United Kingdom: 2003–2006)

chapter 23|9 pages

Research and reading

Landmarks for Sustainability (United Kingdom: 2007–2009)

chapter 24|9 pages

Pioneers and paradoxes

In search of sustainable business (United Kingdom: 2004, 2008–2011)

chapter 25|13 pages

Death and rebirth

From CSR 1.0 to CSR 2.0 (United Kingdom: 2008–2012)