Identifying, measuring and improving social impact is a significant challenge for corporate and private foundations, charities, NGOs and corporations. How best to balance possible social and environmental benefits (and costs) against one another? How does one bring clarity to multiple possibilities and opportunities? Based on years of work and new field studies from around the globe, the authors have written a book for managers that is grounded in the best academic and managerial research.It is a practical guide that describes the steps needed for identifying, measuring and improving social impact. This approach is useful in maximizing the impact of different types of investments, including grants and donations, impact investments, and commercial investments.With numerous examples of actual organizational approaches, research into more than fifty organizations, and extensive practical guidance and best practices, Measuring and Improving Social Impacts fills a critical gap.

chapter |9 pages


part 1|35 pages

What Will You Invest?

chapter 1|11 pages

The Social Impact Creation Cycle

chapter 2|23 pages

Understanding the Investor

part 2|35 pages

What Problem Will You Address?

chapter 3|15 pages

Understanding the Problem

chapter 4|19 pages

Understanding the Investment Options

part 3|31 pages

What Steps Will You Take?

chapter 5|16 pages

How Social Impacts Are Created

chapter 6|14 pages

Linking Actions to Impacts

part 4|63 pages

How Will You Measure Success?

chapter 7|21 pages

Measurement Basics

chapter 8|14 pages

Measurement Approaches

chapter 9|27 pages

Measuring Your Impact

part 5|34 pages

How Can You Increase Impact?

chapter 10|13 pages

Social Impact Measurement Maturity

chapter 11|14 pages

Amplifying Your Impact

chapter 12|6 pages

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