This book provides an answer to one of the key questions of our time: namely, what constitutes a good education. Presenting a ‘four-dimensional’ model, it directly considers the essential elements a good education should include. Through forging this framework and outlaying its origins, implications and practice, the book explains how a good contemporary education can be defined and implemented. From the premise that such educational essentials are neither the preserve of the elite nor a minimum standard, White's exploration keeps the child at the heart of the discussion, focusing on every pupil's worth, identity, interactions and development.

The author offers a detailed and rigorous perspective reflecting on extensive professional experience, starting with a consideration of the current educational climate and progressing through the book's three parts:

  • looking for a good education
  • creating a model of good education
  • applications, implications and implementation of the model.

A Good Education recognises the transformative power of education and reflects on the importance of human factors: teachers' provision for their pupils and students' ability to flourish. This book is addressed to those actively engaged in or concerned about educational provision: graduates entering teaching, school leaders, policy-makers and parents. It also speaks more broadly to all those who know that a good education really matters.

Introduction  Part 1: looking for good education  Chapter 1. What is a good education?  Chapter 2. In search of educational ethos  Part 2: creating a model of good education  Chapter 3. Foundational values: the essential heart  Chapter 4. Character traits: living it out  Chapter 5. Educational principles: distinguishing practices  Chapter 6. Practical outcomes: end results  Part 3: applications, implications and implementation of the four-dimensional model  Chapter 7. The four-dimensional school: values and principles in practice  Chapter 8. The four-dimensional curriculum: breadth of attainment at the academic core  Chapter 9. The four-dimensional curriculum: breadth of attainment in the wider sphere  Chapter 10. The four-dimensional subject: achieving heights of excellence  Chapter 11. The four-dimensional lesson: encouraging depth of engagement  Chapter 12. A four-dimensional vision: fostering length of endeavour  Afterword