The British Empire: Sunrise to Sunset is a broad survey of the history of the British Empire from its beginnings to its demise that offers a comprehensive analysis of what life was like under colonial rule, weaving the everyday stories of people living through the experience of colonialism into the bigger picture of empire.

The experience of the British Empire was not limited to what happened behind closed doors or on the floor of Parliament. It affected men, women and children across the globe, making a difference to what they ate and what kind of work they did, what languages and lessons they learned in school, and how they were able to live their lives. This new edition expands its coverage and discusses the relationship between Brexit and empire as well as the recent controversies connected to empire that have engulfed Britain: the Windrush scandal, the fight over the Chagos Islands and the Mau Mau lawsuits, bringing it up to date and engaging with key debates that govern the study of empire.

Painting a picture of life for all those affected by empire and supported by maps and illustrations, this is the perfect text for all students of imperial history.

chapter 1|12 pages

Uniting the kingdom

chapter 2|18 pages

Slaves, merchants and trade

chapter 3|12 pages

Settling the ‘New World’

chapter 4|20 pages

After America

chapter 5|20 pages

Britain in India

chapter 6|19 pages

Global growth

chapter 7|20 pages

Ruling an empire

chapter 8|18 pages

Being ruled

chapter 9|22 pages

Gender and sexuality

chapter 10|23 pages

Contesting empire

chapter 11|27 pages