This is a guide for anyone who wants to connect better with people in the workplace by speaking clearly and with purpose.

It is a result of five years at Charlie Corbett’s consultancy, Bullfinch Media, where he helped convince executives that speaking plainly, thoughtfully, and behaving with humanity, is the best way to win business, boost morale and advance careers. It provides carefully detailed wisdom on how to write well, speak publicly and stand out in your job, as well as how to craft compelling communications, make the best of social media and handle the press.

The Art of Plain Speaking aims to improve the experience faced by many in the modern workplace, a world where senior management are entirely absent from the shop floor – replaced by indecipherable emails from HR – and where people speak in esoteric corporate riddles, believing that sounding clever is more productive than speaking clearly.

chapter 1|8 pages

How to come up with good ideas

chapter 2|8 pages

How to write well

chapter 3|6 pages

How to write a headline

chapter 4|6 pages

How to keep the grammar police at bay

chapter 6|18 pages

How to stand out in your job

chapter 7|6 pages

How to speak well in public

chapter 8|8 pages

How to make the best use of social media

chapter 9|12 pages

How to make the press work for you