Marxism and Education offers contemporary Marxist analyses of recent and current education policy, and develops Marxist-based practices of resistance from a series of national and international perspectives. Part I identifies and critiques pressure points, impacts of, and developments in capitalism and education, as these pertain to education policy, teacher education, and assessment. In Part II, chapter authors develop Marxist praxis, critical education practices, and resistance against the intensification of neoliberalism and authoritarian conservatism. With contributions from leading, globally-recognized Marxist theoreticians, this book addresses the impacts and developments of neoliberal and authoritarian-conservative education policies across the UK, USA, Greece, Turkey, Poland, and Hungary.

chapter |8 pages


chapter |15 pages

The Schooling of Teachers in England

Rescuing Pedagogy

chapter |14 pages

Transformation in the Teaching Profession in Turkey

From Socialist-Idealist Teacher to Exam-Oriented Technician

chapter |17 pages

Assessing the Effects of the Economic Crisis on Public Education in Greece

Theopoula-Polina Chrysochou

chapter |12 pages

The Endpoint of Expectation From Education, the Starting Point of Struggle

A Critical Approach to White-Collar Unemployment

chapter |12 pages

The Position of an Educational Researcher in a Semi-Peripheral Region

Critical Autoethnography of an Academic Subject in Hungary