In this work the eminent Dutch physician offers for the intelligent layman as well as for doctors, psychologists, teachers and social workers a guide to the causes and effects of fertility and sterility.

This book is the third and last volume in Dr Theodoor Hendrik van de Velde’s trilogy on the problems of marriage and this book completes his internationally authoritative work on eugenics and volitional sex behavior. Following his other book Ideal Marriage and Sexual Tensions in Marriage, this book considers such problems as sexual abstinence and excess, family limitation, the achievement of desired pregnancy, the causes and consequences, physically and emotionally, and sterility in women and impotence in men, artificial insemination, and the delicate personal and social aspects of undesired conception.

Scientific in its approach and simple in its presentation, this book is for doctors and laymen. It offers information that contributes to a healthier understanding of voluntary and planned conception and helps safeguard happiness in marriage.

part II|168 pages

The Achievement of Desired Pregnancy

chapter IV|26 pages

The Physiology of Reproduction

chapter VI|28 pages

Sterility in Women

chapter VII|12 pages

Sterility in Women

chapter VIII|14 pages

Sterility in Women

chapter IX|18 pages

Impotence in Men

chapter X|19 pages

Impotence in Men

chapter XI|19 pages

Artificial Fertilization, or Insemination

part III|112 pages

The Prevention of Undesired Conception

chapter XIV|12 pages

Permanent Surgical Sterilization

chapter XV|16 pages

Temporary Surgical Sterilization

chapter XVII|12 pages

Sterilization by Radiotherapy

chapter XVIII|15 pages

Recapitulation and Conclusion

chapter |2 pages