A selection of Anti-Jacobin novels reprinted in full with annotations. The set includes works by male and female writers holding a range of political positions within the Anti-Jacobin camp, and represents the French Revolution, American Revolution, Irish Rebellion and political unrest in Scotland.

part |53 pages

The Democrat: Interspersed with Anecdotes of well known

chapter I|2 pages

Some Account of our Hero.

chapter II|2 pages

He Visits the Continent of America.

chapter IV|2 pages

At Southampton.

chapter V|2 pages

Le Noir Meets a Grumbler.

chapter VII|3 pages

The Aristocratical Sans Culotte.

chapter VIII|2 pages

Meets with a Disappointment at Winchester.

chapter IX|2 pages

Doctor Portwell Executes Justice.

chapter XII|3 pages

The Story Continued.

chapter XIII|3 pages

A Slight Interruption.

chapter XV|3 pages

Further Continuation of the Story.

chapter XVI|2 pages

Story Continued.

chapter XVII|3 pages

Le Noir's Adventure with a Party OF Sailors.

chapter XVIII|3 pages

A Democratic Country Squire.

chapter XIX|3 pages

Trial of a Poacher.

part |51 pages

The Democrat: Interspersed with Anecdotes of Well Known

chapter XX|4 pages

Our Hero Meets with a Jacobite.

chapter XXI|3 pages

Conversation with A Whig.

chapter XXII|5 pages

Conversation in a Stage Coach.

chapter XXIV|3 pages

Adventure With Some Soldiers.

chapter XXV|2 pages

Observations on the Police of London.

chapter XXVI|3 pages

A Projector and A Prophet.

chapter XXVII|2 pages

A Scene Among Great Men.

chapter XXVIII|5 pages

A Society of Lawyers.

chapter XXIX|4 pages

Debate on a Reform of Parliament.

chapter XXX|2 pages

A Debate on the Reform of the Debating Club.

chapter XXXI|2 pages

Eulogium on Despotism.

chapter XXXII|3 pages

Adventure in a Coffee House.

chapter XXXIV|2 pages

A Masquerade Scene and its Consequence.

chapter XXXVI|1 pages

Which Concludes the History.

part |87 pages

The Aristocrat, A Novel.

chapter I|3 pages

Chapter I

chapter II|2 pages

Chapter II

chapter III|3 pages

Chapter III

chapter IV|2 pages

Chapter IV

chapter V|2 pages

Chapter V

chapter VI|2 pages

Chapter VI

chapter VII|2 pages

Chapter VII

chapter VIII|2 pages

Chapter VIII

chapter IX|2 pages

Chapter IX

chapter X|3 pages

Chapter X

chapter XI|2 pages

Chapter XI

chapter XII|2 pages

Chapter XII

chapter XIII|3 pages

Chapter XIII

chapter XIV|2 pages

Chapter XIV

chapter XV|2 pages

Chapter XV

chapter XVI|2 pages

Chapter XVI

chapter XVII|3 pages

Chapter XVII

chapter XVIII|3 pages

Chapter XVIII

chapter XIX|2 pages

Chapter XIX

chapter XX|2 pages

Chapter XX

chapter XXI|3 pages

Chapter XXI

chapter XXII|3 pages

Chapter XXII

chapter XXIII|3 pages

Chapter XXIII

chapter XXIV|3 pages

Chapter XXIV

chapter XXV|2 pages

Chapter XXV

chapter XXVI|2 pages

Chapter XXVI

chapter XXVII|3 pages

Chapter XXVII

chapter XXVIII|4 pages

Chapter XXVIII

chapter XXIX|3 pages

Chapter XXIX

chapter XXX|3 pages

Chapter XXX

chapter XXXI|2 pages

Chapter XXXI

chapter XXXII|3 pages

Chapter XXXII

chapter XXXIII|2 pages

Chapter XXXIII

chapter XXXIV|3 pages

Chapter XXXIV

part |79 pages

The Aristocrat, A Novel.

chapter XXXV|3 pages

Chapter XXXV

chapter XXXVI|3 pages

Chapter XXXVI

chapter XXXVII|3 pages

Chapter XXXVII

chapter XXXVIII|3 pages


chapter XXXIX|2 pages

Chapter XXXIX

chapter XL|4 pages

Chapter XL

chapter XLI|3 pages

Chapter XLI

chapter XLII|4 pages

Chapter XLII

chapter XLIII|3 pages

Chapter XLIII

chapter XLIV|2 pages

Chapter XLIV

chapter XLV|2 pages

Chapter XLV

chapter XLVI|4 pages

Chapter XLVI

chapter XLVII|3 pages

Chapter XLVII

chapter XLVIII|2 pages

Chapter XLVIII

chapter XLIX|2 pages

Chapter XLIX

chapter L|2 pages

Chapter L

chapter LI|2 pages

Chapter LI

chapter LII|3 pages

Chapter LII

chapter LIII|3 pages

Chapter LIII

chapter LIV|4 pages

Chapter LIV

chapter LV|6 pages

Chapter LV

chapter LVI|3 pages

Chapter LVI

chapter LVII|2 pages

Chapter LVII

chapter LVIII|2 pages

Chapter LVIII

chapter LIX|3 pages

Chapter LIX

chapter LX|4 pages

Chapter LX