A selection of Anti-Jacobin novels reprinted in full with annotations. The set includes works by male and female writers holding a range of political positions within the Anti-Jacobin camp, and represents the French Revolution, American Revolution, Irish Rebellion and political unrest in Scotland.

part |132 pages

Berkeley Hall: or, the Pupil of Experience.

chapter II|4 pages

A Peep into the Parlour.

chapter IV|4 pages

The British Soldier.

chapter V|5 pages

Continuation of the Veteran's Story.

chapter VI|2 pages

Veteran's Narrative Continued.

chapter VIII|5 pages

Danger and Escape of the Soldier.

chapter IX|3 pages

Character of Dr. Homily and his Friends.

chapter X|2 pages

Sketch of Matilda, the Doctor's Daughter.

chapter XI|2 pages

Pity Melts the Mind to Love.

chapter XII|2 pages

An Uncommon Incident.

chapter XIII|2 pages

Precipitate Measures.

chapter XIV|4 pages

A Disatrous Event.

chapter XV|2 pages

Futility of Systems.

chapter XVI|4 pages

The Wanderer's Return Home.

chapter XVII|3 pages

Some Account of our Young Hero.

chapter XVIII|3 pages

Intrepidity of Young Tickle.

chapter XIX|3 pages

Sketch of Sancho's Character.

chapter XXII|3 pages

Treachery and Meanness Properly Rewarded.

chapter XXV|3 pages

Force of Imagination.

chapter XXVII|5 pages

Prince Pangoleen in Fresh Difficulties.

chapter XXVIII|2 pages

An Appeal to Facts.

chapter XXIX|2 pages

A Lesson Never to Despair.

chapter XXX|2 pages

Out of Evil Often Arises Good.

chapter XXXI|3 pages

Description of the Bay of Monongahela. 124 .

chapter XXXII|4 pages

Travels of the King of the Pacific Ocean.

chapter XXXIII|3 pages

A Learned Discussion, Ending as it Began.

chapter XXXV|3 pages

Discussion on Fire and Raw Meat.

chapter XXXVI|2 pages

Submarine Town and Temple, Sports and Festival.

chapter XXXVII|2 pages

Narrow Escape of King Gongunza.

chapter XXXIX|6 pages

A Peck of Metaphysical Dust.

part |164 pages

Berkeley Hall: or, the Pupil of Experience.

chapter III|1 pages

Wonderful Anecdote of a Black Wig.

chapter IV|10 pages

Dr. Homily's Pleasant Sally on his Hobby.

chapter VI|2 pages

A Dish of Snip-Snaps. 201

chapter VII|2 pages

Gallant Atchievement of our Hero.

chapter VIII|4 pages

Dr. Homily's Indigestion of a Mushroom.

chapter IX|2 pages

A Plenary Confession, and Absolution.

chapter X|3 pages

Drawing Lots Sometimes not Fortuitous.

chapter XI|4 pages

Low Life Above Stairs.

chapter XII|5 pages

A Black face and a Black Heart Contrasted.

chapter XIII|2 pages

Letitia's Embarrassment.

chapter XVI|3 pages

Folly of Intemperance.

chapter XIX|7 pages

Chap. XIX.

chapter XX|4 pages

The Sly-Boots 315 Caught Tripping.

chapter XXI|6 pages

Platonic Love.

chapter XXIII|3 pages

A Short Courtship.

chapter XXIV|4 pages

The Plot Thickens.

chapter XXVI|6 pages

Strange Alarm, Flight, and Misadventure.

chapter XXIX|3 pages

Some Pleasure Derived from Adversity.

chapter XXXI|4 pages

Strange Rupture at Cranberry Hall.

chapter XXXII|3 pages

All in the Wrong: or Sancho in the Suds.

chapter XXXVII|4 pages

All is not Gold that Glitters.

chapter XXXVIII|5 pages

Private Sorrows Lost in Public Cares.

chapter XL|3 pages

Fortunate Interview with a Stranger.

part |164 pages

Berkeley Hall: or, the Pupil of Experience.

chapter I|5 pages

Visit to the Cave of a Recluse.

chapter IV|7 pages

The Hardy Sachem, or Second Hendrick. 473

chapter V|2 pages

A Talk from the Raven Chief.

chapter XI|5 pages

Calm and Commotions at Berkeley Hall.

chapter XII|2 pages

Ceremony of the Consideration of the Busts.

chapter XIII|5 pages

A View of Dr. Homily on his Hobby-Horse.

chapter XIV|2 pages

Pleasing Reverse of Fortune.

chapter XV|2 pages

The Arrival of the Long-Lost Travellers.

chapter XVII|2 pages

A Moonlight Adventure.

chapter XVIII|3 pages

Tonondoric's Observations at Berkeley Hall.

chapter XXI|3 pages

Wonderful Revolutions at Cranberry Hall.

chapter XXVI|4 pages

A Gothic Appeal to Cold Iron.

chapter XXIX|2 pages

Dangerous Situation of Letitia.

chapter XXX|2 pages

Arrival of Two Uncommon Travellers.

chapter XXXII|4 pages

Our Heroine's Interview with Dr. Homily.

chapter XXXV|3 pages

Peregrination and Disasters of Tickle.

chapter XXXVI|4 pages

Unexpected Occurrences.

chapter XXXVII|4 pages

Discovery of the Hermit's Retreat.

chapter XXXIX|2 pages

The Vale of Conan.

chapter XL|6 pages

Final Visit to Berkeley Hall.