This set of eight volumes presents the reader with selected primary texts in the genre now generally known as future fiction. The chosen texts are designed to explore the dominant characteristics of the genre and examine how it changed over the 18th and 19th centuries.

chapter |5 pages

The Death Trap

part |219 pages

The Death Trap

part I|61 pages


chapter I|6 pages

Chapter I

chapter II|8 pages

Chapter II

chapter III|5 pages

Chapter III

chapter IV|7 pages

Chapter IV

chapter V|5 pages

Chapter V

chapter VI|9 pages

Chapter VI

chapter VII|5 pages

Chapter VII

chapter VIII|9 pages

Chapter VIII

chapter IX|8 pages

Chapter IX

chapter X|7 pages

Chapter X

part II|105 pages

The British Sedan

chapter I|9 pages

Chapter I

chapter II|8 pages

Chapter II

chapter III|10 pages

Chapter III

chapter IV|4 pages

Chapter IV

chapter V|6 pages

Chapter V

chapter VI|11 pages

Chapter VI

chapter VII|8 pages

Chapter VII

chapter VIII|11 pages

Chapter VIII

chapter IX|10 pages

Chapter IX

chapter X|10 pages

Chapter X

chapter XI|12 pages

Chapter XI

chapter XII|7 pages

Chapter XII

chapter XIII|7 pages

Chapter XIII

chapter XIV|4 pages

Chapter XIV

part III|26 pages

The Awakening

chapter I|7 pages

Chapter I

chapter II|10 pages

Chapter II

chapter III|11 pages

Chapter III

part IV|27 pages


chapter I|8 pages

Chapter I

chapter II|10 pages

Chapter II

chapter |6 pages


chapter |3 pages

The Great Raid

part |101 pages

The Great Raid

chapter I|3 pages

The Warning Note.

chapter II|6 pages

Father and Son.

chapter III|4 pages

London Town.

chapter IV|6 pages

The Man of Iron.

chapter V|3 pages

The Jaws of a Trap.

chapter VI|5 pages

The Defence of a Barricade.

chapter VII|3 pages

The Territorials in Retreat.

chapter VIII|8 pages

The March to Maidstone.

chapter IX|7 pages

An Englishman's Home.

chapter X|6 pages

The Army of Defence.

chapter XI|6 pages

The Ebb and Flow.

chapter XII|8 pages


chapter XIII|6 pages

The Gates of the Enemy.

chapter XIV|5 pages

The Silent March.

chapter XV|5 pages

The Man of Peace.

chapter XVI|4 pages

Before Daybreak.

chapter XVII|5 pages

"Every Mother's Son of 'EM."

chapter XVIII|3 pages

The Western Command.

chapter XIX|4 pages

The Calm Before the Storm.

chapter XX|4 pages

The Battle of Canterbury.

chapter XXI|4 pages

"The Last Post."

chapter XXII|3 pages

A Nation in Arms.

chapter XXIII|7 pages

The Close of the Great Raid.

chapter |3 pages

Under the Red Ensign

part |44 pages

Under the Red Ensign