Contains three early examples of the genre of New Woman writing, each portraying women in ways wholly different to those which had gone before. This title includes "Kith and Kin" (1881), "Miss Brown" and "The Wing of Azrael".

part 1|2 pages

Kith and Kin

part 2|96 pages

Volume the First.

chapter 1|8 pages

Meeting the First.

chapter 2|8 pages

Meeting the Second.

chapter 3|8 pages

An Interlude.

chapter 4|9 pages

Meeting the Third.

chapter 5|4 pages

Out of Harmony.

chapter 6|9 pages


chapter 7|6 pages

The Sisters.

chapter 8|8 pages


chapter 9|4 pages

Scar Foot.

chapter 10|4 pages

‘In the Plot.’

chapter 11|9 pages

A Thorny Path.

chapter 12|8 pages

Danesdale Castle.

chapter 13|4 pages

The First Concert of the Season.

chapter 14|7 pages


part 3|98 pages

Volume the Second.

chapter 15|10 pages


chapter 16|3 pages

A Landowner

chapter 17|8 pages

‘Goden Abend, Gode Nacht!’ 10

chapter 18|5 pages

Danesdale goes to Scar Foot

chapter 19|9 pages

Looking Forward

chapter 20|14 pages

‘My Cousin Judith!’

chapter 21|13 pages

An Afternoon Episode

chapter 22|11 pages

An Old Wife’s Tale

chapter 23|13 pages

Aglionby’s Début.

chapter 24|12 pages

‘Winter of Pale Misfortune.’

part 4|98 pages

Volume the Third.

chapter 25|12 pages

‘A Happy New Year to you.’

chapter 26|9 pages


chapter 27|7 pages

Lizzie’s Consent.

chapter 28|4 pages


chapter 29|6 pages

‘For My Son’s Sake.’

chapter 30|5 pages

Marah. 13

chapter 31|9 pages

Love and War.

chapter 32|6 pages

‘Her Feet are on the Mountains.’

chapter 33|6 pages


chapter 34|5 pages

‘For the Rest of My life.’

chapter 35|5 pages

The Way not Clear.

chapter 36|3 pages

‘Wait Till You Hear from Me.’

chapter 37|10 pages

Confession, or Explanation?

chapter 38|6 pages

On Yoresett Moor.

chapter 39|5 pages