The novels in this collection include one by a fierce opponent to the New Woman movement, as well as two from women whose work can be seen as archetypal New Woman fiction.

part I|245 pages

Red Pottage

chapter 1|4 pages

Chapter I

chapter 2|2 pages

Chapter II

chapter 3|4 pages

Chapter III

chapter 4|3 pages

Chapter IV

chapter 5|6 pages

Chapter V

chapter 6|7 pages

Chapter VI

chapter 7|5 pages

Chapter VII

chapter 8|2 pages

Chapter VIII

chapter 9|6 pages

Chapter IX

chapter 10|6 pages

Chapter X

chapter 11|6 pages

Chapter XI

chapter 12|3 pages

Chapter XII

chapter 13|5 pages

Chapter XIII

chapter 14|3 pages

Chapter XIV

chapter 15|5 pages

Chapter XV

chapter 16|3 pages

Chapter XVI

chapter 17|5 pages

Chapter XVII

chapter 18|8 pages

Chapter XVIII

chapter 19|3 pages

Chapter XIX

chapter 20|5 pages

Chapter XX

chapter 21|3 pages

Chapter XXI

chapter 22|6 pages

Chapter XXII

chapter 23|3 pages

Chapter XXIII

chapter 24|6 pages

Chapter XXIV

chapter 25|5 pages

Chapter XXV

chapter 26|5 pages

Chapter XXVI

chapter 27|4 pages

Chapter XXVII

chapter 28|3 pages

Chapter XXVIII

chapter 29|2 pages

Chapter XXIX

chapter 30|6 pages

Chapter XXX

chapter 31|4 pages

Chapter XXXI

chapter 32|3 pages

Chapter XXXII

chapter 33|3 pages

Chapter XXXIII

chapter 34|5 pages

Chapter XXXIV

chapter 35|2 pages

Chapter XXXV

chapter 36|1 pages

Chapter XXXVI

chapter 37|6 pages

Chapter XXXVII

chapter 38|3 pages


chapter 39|6 pages

Chapter XXXIX

chapter 40|5 pages

Chapter XL

chapter 41|6 pages

Chapter XLI

chapter 42|7 pages

Chapter XLII

chapter 43|7 pages

Chapter XLIII

chapter 44|5 pages

Chapter XLIV

chapter 45|5 pages

Chapter XLV

chapter 46|6 pages

Chapter XLVI

chapter 47|6 pages

Chapter XLVII

chapter 48|4 pages

Chapter XLVIII

chapter 49|3 pages

Chapter XLIX

chapter 50|4 pages

Chapter L

chapter 51|6 pages

Chapter LI

chapter 52|3 pages

Chapter LII

chapter 53|8 pages

Chapter LIII