"This study traces the successive stages of Thackeray's contact with the German world and analyses the discourse he developed as a result. The author is concerned with the fiction and criticism of Thackeray's :Paris Sketch Book"" and the impressions related by the cockney traveller in ""Irish Sketch Book"" and ""Notes of a Journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo"". Thackeray's own pictorial illustrations of his writings and those by Cruikshank, Doyle and Walker, which he supervised and supplemented, are recognized as an integral part of his German discourse. The study is a chronological one, setting Thackeray's construction of ""German"" and ""the Germans"" against the background of his own development and of the social, industrial, cultural and political history of Britain and its continental neighbours."

chapter |5 pages


Received Opinions

chapter 1|43 pages

The Manners of the Natives

chapter 2|41 pages

First Steps of a Cultural Go-Between

chapter 3|32 pages

Crossing Frontiers

chapter 4|41 pages

Touchstones and Tribulations

chapter 5|32 pages

Travellers, Musicians and Femmes Fatales

chapter 6|38 pages

Past and Present

chapter 7|35 pages

The Kingdom of Punch

chapter 8|34 pages

The German Booth in Vanity Fair

chapter 9|49 pages

The Restless Children of Cain

chapter 10|42 pages

Shifting Perspectives

chapter 11|43 pages

New Excursions in Space and Time

chapter 12|30 pages

Kings and Sugar-Bakers

chapter 13|24 pages


chapter |12 pages


A Field Full of German Folk