"Much has been written about the complex relationship between England and the papacy in the 14th century, yet the form (rather than the content) of the diplomatic intercourse between these two protagonists has not hitherto been examined in detail. Drawing on a wide range of unpublished sources, Pluger explores the techniques of communication employed by the Crown in its dealings with Clement VI (1342-52) and Innocent VI (1352-62). Methodologies of social and cultural history and of International Relations are brought to bear on the analysis of the dialogue between Westminster and Avignon, resulting in a more complete picture of 14th-century Anglo-papal relations in particular and of medieval diplomatic practice in general."

chapter 3|59 pages

Diplomatic Personnel

chapter 4|55 pages


chapter 5|18 pages

Means of Communication

chapter 6|29 pages

Protocol, Procedure and Ceremonial

chapter |4 pages


chapter |2 pages


A ‘New Medievalism’?