Critical Moments in Executive Coaching examines the change process supported by workplace and executive coaching, making use of empirical evidence from the study of a range of real coaching conversations and coaching relationships. It is both a complete handbook that for the first time gives access to a global qualitative research base in the field of executive coaching, and a look behind the scenes into the practice of both inexperienced and experienced coaches, their clients and their commissioners.

Erik de Haan allows the reader access to the wealth of Ashridge empirical research in this field to date, alongside prominent research groups around the world. This book provides practitioners with a range of suggestions for their contracts, backed up by qualitative and narrative research. It looks at what research is already telling us about the value of coaching conversations and the impact of critical ‘moments of change’ in coaching, from the perspectives of coaches, clients, stakeholders and sponsors. The detailed research findings outlined in the book are supplemented throughout by case studies and snapshots of coaching moments as well as practical advice and insights for those working in the field. The book also brings forward innovative new models and concepts for coaches which have emerged from research.

Critical Moments in Executive Coaching offers an evidence and research-based approach that will be of great interest to coaches in practice and in training, students of both undergraduate and graduate coaching programmes and those who supervise and commission coaching.

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|17 pages

Coaching is doing research

chapter 2|13 pages

Critical moments in coaching

What inexperienced coaches have to say

chapter 3|29 pages

Critical moments in coaching

What experienced coaches have to say

chapter 4|21 pages

Critical moments in coaching

What coachees have to say

chapter 5|34 pages

Critical moments in coaching

Looking for a Rashomon effect

chapter 6|22 pages

Critical moments in coaching

What coaching sponsors have to say

chapter 7|16 pages

Lessons to apply in practice