Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any photograph. The best images create dimension and drama, which goes beyond formulas and lighting recipes. In Lighting for Photographers: An Introductory Guide to Professional Photography, commercial photographers and instructors Joe Lavine and Brad Bartholomew offer a unique philosophy of lighting, starting with an understanding of the characteristics of lighting to build great shots.

Including interviews from professional photographers and illustrated with over 200 images, this book introduces basic photographic concepts and equipment needs, and takes the reader from the lighting process through to starting a successful career in photography both in the studio and on location. Readers will learn a comprehensive approach to lighting including what light does, composition, experimentation, practical tools and techniques, equipment, metering and histograms, and how to launch and grow their career.

With downloadable instructor resources featuring discussion questions and quizzes, this fully updated edition is ideal for introductory level photography and lighting courses as well as the amateur photographer looking to apply the appropriate lighting to realize their conceptual and aesthetic goals.

chapter Chapter One

What Light Does

chapter Chapter Two|24 pages

The Building Process

chapter Chapter Three|24 pages

Lighting as Part of Composition

chapter Chapter Four|22 pages


chapter Chapter Five|24 pages

Lighting Equipment

chapter Chapter Six|18 pages

DSLR Cameras

chapter Chapter Seven|20 pages


chapter Chapter Eight|18 pages

Reading a Histogram

chapter Chapter Nine|26 pages

Getting Your Career Started

chapter Chapter Ten|24 pages