In his extensive work as a theologian and a historian, Walter H. Principe, CSB, (1922-1996) was committed to reflecting on both the present and the past. He was well-known as a historian of medieval theology and philosophy - especially through the work of Thomas Aquinas - as well as a contemporary theologian. This memorial collection addresses a fundamental feature of Principe's thought, namely his concern that the history of medieval theology and philosophy have a significant role to play in contemporary discussions. Strengthening the ties between historical study and contemporary theological and philosophical thought, this book offers much to those who teach and research in historical theology and the history of philosophy. The ten essays provide significant test cases of how modern scholars may utilise the historical record judiciously for contemporary debates. Those who are concerned with intellectual history (both medieval and modern), the history of doctrines, and Thomism, will also find this collection a useful contribution to modern scholarship.

Contents: Introduction, James R. Ginther and Carl N. Still; Augustine's early Trinitarian thought, Joanne McWilliam; Mission and message: two prophetic voices in the 12th century, Abigail Ann Young; There is a text in this classroom: the Bible and theology in the Medieval university, James R. Ginther; Christology in the Quodlibets of Guerric of Saint-Quentin: a precursor of Thomas Aquinas?, Jean-Pierre Torrell, OP (translated by Charles Principe, CSB); Efficient causality and instrumentality in Thomas Aquinas's Theology of the Sacraments, Philip Lyndon Reynolds; An accomplishment of the moral part of Aquinas's Summa theologiae, Mark Johnson; The metaphysics of higher cognitive states in Thomas Aquinas, Pamela J. Reeve; Thomas Aquinas on the assent of faith, Carl N. Still; Capreolus on faith and the 'theologal' life, Romanus Cessario, OP; Richard Swinburne, St Thomas and many gods, Lawrence Dewan, OP; Sketches of Walter, Charles Principe, CSB; Bibliography of Walter H. Principe, CSB; Index.