This perceptive book highlights the need for cooperation between major organisations - whether intergovernmental, commercial or nongovernmental - to ensure developing countries have access to affordable medicines and vaccines, in spite of their different mandates and interests. Yves Beigbeder reviews specific areas of international public health issues and programmes from the vantage point of one particular intergovernmental organisation - the World Health Organisation. He includes studies on the value and risks of public-private partnerships, the access of poor populations to essential drugs and the fight against malaria and tuberculosis and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Further chapters focus on polio eradication, onchocerciasis control, alliances for vaccines and immunization, the promotion of breastfeeding, and the struggle against the tobacco industry.

chapter |12 pages


part I|30 pages

The United Nations and the World Health Organization

chapter 1|13 pages

United Nations Organizations and Business

chapter 2|14 pages

The World Health Organization and Business

part II|41 pages

Setting International Public Health Policy

chapter 3|13 pages

The Promotion of Breastfeeding

chapter 5|11 pages

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

part III|44 pages

Public-Private Partnerships for Health

chapter 6|7 pages

Controlling Onchocerciasis

chapter 7|9 pages

The Eradication of Poliomyelitis

chapter 8|11 pages

Fighting Malaria and Tuberculosis

chapter 9|12 pages

Vaccines and Immunization

part IV|31 pages

Fighting the Industry

chapter 10|17 pages

Tobacco, the Perfect ‘Foe’

chapter |11 pages