There is more than a touch of 'The Emperor's New Clothes' in the way many organizations approach project management and the consequences are all too clear: project methodology inappropriately applied; little or no consideration of complexity or ambiguity; alienation of the stakeholders and a statistically poor record of performance for major business or infrastructure projects. Charles Smith's groundbreaking book Making Sense of Project Realities offers convincing explanations as to why project management theory and practice have become disconnected and describes the kind of complex, human skills that are required to deliver successful projects. The text draws heavily on the experiences of practising project and programme managers from across private and public sector organizations, many of whose stories were shared and analysed during the two-year research network 'Rethinking Project Management', which brought together thought leaders on project management from consultancy, industry and academia. The result is a highly readable, very credible and imaginative exploration of the nature of projects and programmes that will strike a chord with every project practitioner; a book that offers a realistic set of ideas for developing creative and effective project players, who understand the purpose of what they are doing, the context within which they are working, and the people with whom they need to engage. Update: Several MBA Courses use this book and the tutor feedback is encouragingly positive, including: "can be used from day one to change the mindset of the students concerning projects and their management."

chapter Two|7 pages

Making Sense of Projects

chapter Three|9 pages

Projects and Complexity

chapter Four|12 pages

Tribalism and Rituals

chapter Five|7 pages

The Tyranny of Projects

chapter Six|12 pages

Managing Multiple Projects

chapter Seven|10 pages

Fraudulent Projects

chapter Eight|7 pages

The Language of Projects

chapter Nine|17 pages

Creating Project Sense

chapter Ten|9 pages

Personal Engagement

chapter Eleven|9 pages

Delivering Value

chapter Twelve|17 pages

Business Transformation

chapter Thirteen|13 pages

Dealing with Uncertainty

chapter Fourteen|7 pages

Quests for Value and Accountability

chapter Fifteen|12 pages


chapter Sixteen|8 pages

The Business of Project Management