Casual Shakespeare is the first full-length study of the thousands of quotations both in and of Shakespeare's works which represent intertextuality outside of what is conventionally appreciated as literary value. Drawing on the insights gained as a result of a major, ongoing Digital Humanities project, this study posits a historical continuum of casual quotation which informs Shakespeare's own works as well as their afterlives. In this groudbreaking, rigorous analysis, Dr. Regula Trillini offers readers a new approach and understanding of the use and impact quotes like the infamous, 'To be or not to be,' have had througout literary history.

chapter |15 pages

Introduction: A ‘New Object’

chapter 1|19 pages

To Quote or Not to Quote

chapter 4|23 pages

‘Shakespeares fine filed phrase’

chapter 6|24 pages

Peak Casual: Romantic Routine

chapter |4 pages

Conclusion: The Lightness of Quotation