In this book, Geoff Hill demonstrates modern software and hardware being applied to the processes behind loudspeaker design and modelling. Modern computing power has progressed to the point that such analyses are now practical for any interested individual or small company. Loudspeaker Modelling and Design: A Practical Introduction examines the process from initial concept through specifications and theoretical simulations and onto detailed design. It demonstrates the processes of design and specification, by using detailed simulations of a loudspeaker driver; sufficient to give re-assurance that a design is practical and will perform as expected.This book brings together many different strands of modelling from electro-magnetic through to mechanical and acoustic, without getting bogged down in theoretical discussions and arguments. This practice-based book shows the techniques used in designing modern loudspeakers and transducers.

part I



Preface to Second Edition


Aim of This Book


Tools and Techniques

part II|34 pages

Basic Theory

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages

How Does a Loudspeaker Work?

chapter Chapter 2|6 pages

Frequency Response

chapter Chapter 3|5 pages

Frequency Versus Time

chapter Chapter 4|7 pages

Resonance and Damping

chapter Chapter 5|3 pages

Finite Element Analysis

chapter Chapter 6|6 pages

Young’s Modulus

part III|20 pages

Loudspeaker Models

chapter Chapter 7|6 pages

Small Signal Model

chapter Chapter 8|2 pages

Polynomial Models

chapter Chapter 9|6 pages

Thiele/Small Parameters

chapter Chapter 10|4 pages

Large Signal Domain and Model

part IV|14 pages

The Design Process

chapter Chapter 11|1 pages

There Is a Job to Do—But Exactly What?

chapter Chapter 12|2 pages

Common Questions for Most Loudspeakers

chapter Chapter 13|2 pages

Specifying a Loudspeaker Driver

chapter Chapter 14|4 pages

Project Planning and a Bill of Materials

chapter Chapter 15|2 pages

Designing a Subwoofer

part V|28 pages

What’s Really Going On Inside a Loudspeaker?

chapter Chapter 16|6 pages

Driver Design

chapter Chapter 17|3 pages


chapter Chapter 18|2 pages

Voice Coil

chapter Chapter 19|2 pages

Force Factor Bl(x)

chapter Chapter 20|4 pages

Inductance Le(x)

chapter Chapter 21|9 pages

Motor Unit

part VI|39 pages

FEA, BEM, and Integration

chapter Chapter 22|2 pages

Material Specifications

chapter Chapter 23|6 pages

Mechanical Finite Element Analysis

chapter Chapter 24|3 pages

Mechanical Compliance Cms(x)

chapter Chapter 25|8 pages


chapter Chapter 26|3 pages

Mechanical Simulations

chapter Chapter 27|6 pages


chapter Chapter 28|9 pages

Linkwitz Transform

part VII|14 pages

Mechanical Design

chapter Chapter 29|3 pages

Visual and Mechanical Design

chapter Chapter 30|7 pages


chapter Chapter 31|2 pages


part VIII|29 pages

Measuring a Loudspeaker

chapter Chapter 32|8 pages

Acoustical Measurements

chapter Chapter 33|3 pages

A Universal Loudspeaker Driver Test System

chapter Chapter 34|16 pages

Tetrahedral Test Chamber—White Paper